How To Turn Your Creativity Into A Career – Michael Gebben

How To Turn Your Creativity Into A Career - Michael Gebben

How To Turn Your Creativity Into A Career – Michael Gebben

In this interview YouTuber and Creative Entrepreneur Michael Gebben shares on beating fear, staying motivated, and turning your creativity into a career!

How To Turn Your Creativity Into A Career – Michael Gebben Interview 


1:36 Tips for building your confidence to be on camera
3:49 How to discover and develop your Authentic and Unique Voice in your videos
6:27 How to overcome discouragement and staying motivated
10:03 How to stay motivated when you don’t get the results you want
12:35 Tips for getting more views and getting your YouTube channel discovered
13:36 How to turn your creativity into a career (with reliable income)
17:41 How to monetize your passion and creativity
18:16 Discovering your personality type and what type of content you are best at
22:27 Tips for connecting with online influencers and growing your network (how to reach the unreachable)
25:10 The importance of connections and relationships
26:25 How to find ways to add value and use your skills to connect with influential people
30:00 What is The Jumpstarters Community?
33:45 Free resources and videos from Michael Gebben
35:08 A key to succeed and staying passionate

Who is Michael Gebben?
Michael “Gebbs” Gebben started his video production company “Gebbs Total Video” at age 19. Later on, the company grew to become “GEBBSTV” where he explored his epic talent at shooting not only weddings and everything under sun but also events for huge names like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson among others.

Of all the wicked awesome honors Gebbs has attained (including winning Gold in the WEVA Creative Excellence Awards for his Same Day Edit work in 2012, as well as presenting “The Power of the Same Day Edit,” to thousands of attending videographers at WEVA Institute), he says that there is no greater achievement or award than the opportunity to inspire someone. And Gebbs does just that—in epic proportions, no less.

Through his Youtube Channel and speaking engagements, he’s now spreading inspiration and motivation to individuals so more people would realize that they can achieve anything, become happy and successful. What they think, believe and dream of will happen.

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Check out Michael’s Creative Community Jumpstarters:
Jumpstarters is the place that… Creative Entrepreneurs turn their creative talents into a reliable income. Our strong community of creatives gives you the Motivation. Take your burning desire to succeed and do what you LOVE everyday! We focus on three core areas – Mindset, Marketing, and Motivation. Jumpstarters is Perfect for the Creative Entrepreneur! Check out Jumpstarters HERE.

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