How To Grow Your Influence with Video in 2015

How To Grow Your Influence with Video in 2015 - Video Influencers

How To Grow Your Influence with Video in 2015

What does it take to grow a YouTube channel in 2015? In this video Benji and I share that latest tips and strategies for building your influence and income with YouTube and online video in this Google Hangout.

How To Grow Your Influence with Video in 2015

1:00 The story of how Video Influencers came about
4:46 Is it still possible to get discovered and build your brand with video in 2015?
5:00 2015 Online video statistics and what they mean for you
6:30 Video trends that you need to be paying attention to
12:30 How to grow a beauty YouTube channel or lifestyle YouTube channel in 2015
17:40 Are video views important?
18:15 An example of building a YouTube channel in a specific niche
19:05 Specific strategies for growing your YouTube channel in 2015
25:00 2 Tools for coming up with good video titles
** Q&A **
29:35 Is there a negative side of using tags that are not related to your video?
34:52 Should I use all of the social networks to promote my videos, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Etc, or focus on certain channels?
37:22 A super-success-principle to get better results at everything you are doing with online video
40:39 How to be consistent with creating new videos and uploading new videos
43:25 Must watch interviews at
44:45 How to make good money off of YouTube
46:03 When were you able to go full time on YouTube? (Benji and Judy)
50:22 The one essential mindset and motivation to succeed with online video and YouTube
51:15 What to do if you do not have money to invest in your YouTube channel and your brand
56:15 What is your process and routine before you shoot a video?
57:40 How do you get more Twitter followers?
59:05 Does content matter when posting on social media sites (photos and videos)?
1:01:45 The key to creating good content for social media
1:03:30 Is it important to have a backup for your videos and hard drives?
1:05:40 What are your thoughts on posting native social media content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?
1:08:35 One final tip from Benji for crushing it with video in 2015
1:10:00 One final tip from Sean for crushing it with video in 2015

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