Pursuing Your Passion With YouTube – Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale Interview

Pursuing Your Passion - Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale

Pursuing Your Passion With YouTube – Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale Interview

In this interview Benji Travis interviews Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale, the creators of “Laura in the Kitchen,” an interactive cooking show hosted by Laura Vitale, a self-taught home-cook with a passion for what cooking really stands for. Laura believes that food really feeds the soul not just the stomach.

Laura has 3 YouTube channels with over 2 million combined YouTube subsribers and her videos have over 225 million views.

Pursuing Your Passion With YouTube – Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale Interview

2:25 Laura’s background and how she got started cooking
5:49 The power of food when it comes to family and relationships
6:53 How “Laura In The Kitchen” got started on YouTube
11:18 How “Laura In The Kitchen” grew to one million subscribers in just 4 years
11:40 The #1 focus you should have BEFORE you start your YouTube channel (snippet)
11:57 Why you may be losing subscribers, momentum, and interest
15:13 One big difference between digital media and traditional media
16:33 Why listening to your audience will strengthen your brand and channel
18:29 One principle Laura lives no matter what medium she is on
20:05 Tips about lighting, video gear and video production
23:47 Tips for getting started on YouTube (and the two essentials you need for YouTube success)
25:03 How to get over discouragement when growth is not as fast as you want
26:37 The biggest mistake most people are making on YouTube (snippet) 
27:15 How to decide what your YouTube channel should be about (snippet)
27:39 One HUGE piece of advice for getting started with cameras, lighting, and audio (snippet)
30:42 Tips for staying consistent with multiple YouTube channels
31:25 How to know if you should start a 2nd YouTube channel
32:51 Channelizing strategy and thinking thorough the launch of a new channel or a vlog channel
34:56 Tips for planning and prioritizing when it comes to you
35:44 Tips for video preparation, recipe testing, and shoot preparation
38:30 Tips for making YouTube a legitimate career and how long it takes to go full time
41:58 Tips for using YouTube and online to benefit and grow an existing business and brand
44:15 The Lightning Round with Laura Vitale and Joe Vitale
48:43 Resources and upcoming projects
50:44 One final tips for how to build your influence

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