Youtube for Business and Video Marketing Tips – Sean Cannell Interview

Youtube for Business and Video Marketing Tips - Sean Cannell Interview

Youtube for Business and Video Marketing Tips – Sean Cannell Interview

I was recently interviewed on OC Talk Radio-Critical Mass, on video marketing and social media. The Critical Mass Radio Show is hosted by Richard Franzi, and brings the power of peer learning to the Orange County business community each and every week.

Youtube for Business and Video Marketing Tips for 2015

1:36 How Clearvision Media and can help you
3:00 Should CEO’s of middle-market companies build their personal brand and online platform?
4:30 How free online tools can help you reach more people
5:25 The unconventional story of how I got into social media and online video
7:00 The Online-Video-Success-Strategy for savvy business leaders
14:50 The new rules of online video and video marketing (5 video trends)
17:50 Tips on video length, quality, and capturing your audiences interest
18:20 A YouTube analytics trick to make your videos better and engage your audience more
20:14 My secret audience-hook-video-formula that will 10X your video results
21:32 What you can learn from journalists and storytellers when it comes to your social media
22:40 Three guiding principles in 2015 for winning with YouTube and online
24:28 Helpful resources to help you use social media to build your brand and reach more people online

Show Description:
Are you looking to grow your business through social media in 2015? Founder of Clearvision Media, Sean Cannell joined Ric in the studio to discuss how middle market companies can effectively utilize social media marketing techniques to achieve real business results. As an expert in video and digital media, Sean talked about the new rules in video marketing and specifically how businesses can use the power of Youtube to successfully brand their business.

Podcast Version of The Show:

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