How to Start a YouTube Career – Nikki Phillippi Interview

How to Start a YouTube Career - Nikki Phillippi Interview

How to Start a YouTube Career – Nikki Phillippi Interview

In this interview, YouTube Personality and Lifestyle Video Creator Nikki Phillippi shares her journey of building her YouTube channel and online personal brand. In this video she shares tips for how to start a YouTube career, the mindsets necessary for a YouTube job, and why the experts aren’t always right!

How to Start a YouTube Career – Nikki Phillippi Interview

0:35 How Nikki Phillippi got started on YouTube
2:30 How Nikki overcame a super challenging and discouraging season
3:40 How to stay motivated while you are not seeing the results or growth you hoped for
4:50 Tips for learning video editing and video editing shortcuts
6:22 Nikki uses Final Cut Pro X for video editing
6:45 Tips on figuring our the focus of your YouTube channel and what kinds of videos to make
8:40 How to come up with creative ideas for videos (and how to overcome video-idea-block)
10:20 One way to stand out on YouTube in such a competitive environment
11:50 One mistakes a lot of YouTubers are making (that is hurting their channel growth)
12:42 Channel growth spurts VS. steady growth (which is better)
13:50 How long it took Nikki to be “full-time” as a YouTube video creator
15:15 The necessary mindsets needed to build a legitimate YouTube career
16:36 Tips for when family and friends don’t understand YouTube and why you are creating videos
19:15 How to find encouragement and support as a YouTuber
19:58 The lightning round with Nikki Phillipi
22:17 Upcoming projects from Nikki Phillipi
23:00 Where to connect with Nikki on YouTube (YouTube channels and new content)
24:19 One final tip for building your influence online

Who is Nikki Phillippi?
Nicole “Nikki” Phillippi is a California based YouTube beauty guru and is not only a fashionista, but a social media maven. Her Youtube Channel has over 800 thousand subscribers and  and she uploaded multiple videos a week that include fashion hauls,  workout tutorials, and other lifestyle content! Apart from her silly side, Nikki gives great advice, and makes each viewer feel as if they are talking to a friend.

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