How To Build Your Influence With Video and Instagram – Chalene Johnson Interview

How To Build Your Influence With Video and Instagram – Chalene Johnson Interview

In this interview, Motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, and fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson shares her tips, secrets, and best advice for using online video and Instagram to grow your influence. She also shares her secrets for building your confidence and the #1 skill you should learn to succeed in today’s world!

How To Build Your Influence With Video and Instagram – Chalene Johnson Interview

0:55 Chalene’s story and how video changed her life
3:15 How important is video for businesses and brands?
3:34 The one skill you should learn to support your family and succeed in today’s world
4:15 How to build your confidence and one weird trick to being more confident next time you need to be
6:37 Five quick tips for building your confidence and succeeding with people
9:40 How to use social media to grow your YouTube Channel (and one huge mistake almost everyone is making with social media)
11:22 How to get better results when you upload videos to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
13:15 Chalene’s favorite social media platforms
13:38 Unique Instagram video and niche accounts strategy
15:05 Instagram marketing quick tips, updates, and recent changes to how hashtags work
16:39 How to strategically use Instagram hashtags (and what not to do when it comes to hashtags)
18:56 What Chalene’s Instagram Impact Academy covers (and the key to succeeding on Instagram)
20:55 What social media platforms you should focus on?
21:18 How to come up with fresh content ideas and research if it will be effective or not
22:19 The best and fastest way to learn new social media platforms
23:57 Six huge mistakes people are making on social media (make sure you are not making these)
25:50 How to stand out, get noticed, and grow in a crowded niche (how idea sex can grow your YouTube channel even if competition is high)
28:02 The Lighting round with Chalene Johnson
30:13 How Chalene boldly shifted her career and life to follow what was in her heart
31:26 Chalene’s personal principles and calender to stay ahead of the competition
32:51 Chalene’s current projects including Courageous Confidence Club
33:30 Chalene’s resources to help you build your tribe and life
34:05 A final thought on how to build your influence

SHOW NOTES (Resources Mentioned In The Video):

Instagram Impact Academy by Chalene Johnson
“A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Impact on Instagram”

Courageous Confidence Club by Chalene Johnson
We all have confidence, but this program is about creating MORE confidence! Learn steps changing self limiting beliefs and becoming a courageously confident person that can conquer anything!

(Book) Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

(Podcast) The Chalene Show — Motivation, Leadership, Confidence, Family, Fitness and Life coaching with Chalene Johnson
LINK to the “Chalene Show” iTunes podcast

(Podcast) Build Your Tribe — Creating Community, Email List Building, Internet Marketing, and Social Media
LINK to the “Build Your Tribe” iTunes podcast

Who is Chalene Johnson?
Motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, and fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson is the #1 female in direct marketing. The first female to host two #1 infomercials, Chalene has sold over 10 million DVDs. The former CEO of Powder Blue Productions and Turbo Wear, she has built and sold several multimillion-dollar fitness and lifestyle companies. Chalene is the CEO of business and lifestyle coaching company Team Johnson where she has taught her personal and business development systems to hundreds of thousands of people.

Having shared the stage with Brian Tracy and Brendon Bruchard, Chalene is a highly-sought-after motivational speaker that is adept at a variety of topics ranging from relationships, to life balance, to business management.  She has a passion for helping others live fuller lives, and she accomplishes this via her motivational workshops and camps, personal writings, live Internet chats, blogs, and monthly subscription audio programs.  Chalene’s life-changing seminars are annual sell-outs.  In addition to covering these topics at seminars, Chalene has also made appearances on the popular television shows LIVE! with Kelly and The Talk for interviews on these topics.

Chalene is also the founder of personal and business development programs and million dollar Internet Academies including SMART Success Academy and Impact Academy where she shares what she has learned to help other business owners created even greater success and more balanced lives.

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