How To Get Sponsors On YouTube

how to get sponsors on youtube

How To Get Sponsors On YouTube

How do you get sponsors and brand deals for your YouTube channel? Check out this video with tips and info about a great solution called FameBit. FameBit is a self-service marketplace that makes Youtube video influence marketing super easy for advertisers and YouTube influencers.

Start getting Sponsors and Brand Deals with FameBit here:

Download the free Video Influencers checklist with “19 Tips for Getting More Views and Subscribers on YouTube” here:

About FameBit In Their Own Words:
The FameBit Platform was created to enable quality brands and influential Creators to discover each other and collaborate easily on their own terms.

Our main goal was to help content creators of all sizes find the right brand integrations for their channels so that they could earn money for creating quality content while helping their audience discover products and services that make lives better and more fun. At the same time, we wanted to provide an efficient way for awesome brands to get their unique stories told through video and reach an audience that they would otherwise be missing.

We started as the first and have grown to be the best and #1 marketplace for brand integrations across YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Twitter.


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